Ever since the 1960s, enterprise architecture has been revolutionizing the way companies work. But what is enterprise architecture, and should you be using it at your business? 

When you hear "architecture," you probably tend to think of buildings. But enterprise architecture actually has to do with the internal workings of your brand, not the buildings that house it. Even though you can't reach out and touch this kind of architecture, it's still essential to your brand. 

That's why we've put together this enterprise architecture 101 guide. We'll teach you the enterprise architecture definitions you should know, as well as how to put this concept to work -- read on to learn more!

What Is Enterprise Architecture? The Definition You Need to Know

Enterprise architecture actually has to do with IT structures, not external structures. Basically, enterprise architecture involves looking at how every aspect of your business relates to one another, then using IT strategies to reach your business goals with that information in mind. 

Enterprise architecture helps you identify patterns in the way your business runs, and then use those patterns to your advantage. You'll use IT and business tech to reorganize things to give you the best results. 

Another way of looking at it is that enterprise architecture allows you to take a big-picture look at your business. It's a step back to see how each piece relates to one another. When you're mired in the day-to-day work of doing business, you can't usually see these connections the way enterprise architecture allows you to. 

What Enterprise Architecture Can Do for Your Business

Once you harness the power of enterprise architecture, amazing things can start to happen. 

With enterprise architecture, you can sync all the business, tech, and information elements of your company so that they work together seamlessly. This is ideal for implementing new technologies, like cloud tech, but can also make the ones you currently have work even better. 

Enterprise architecture is also ideal if your brand needs to weather a merger, acquisition, or similar large organizational shift. But even without these changes, it can still bring more consistency to your everyday processes.

When to Try Enterprise Architecture 

Waiting for the right moment to implement enterprise architecture? Don't hesitate -- the best time to get started is actually now!

The sooner you take this big-picture look at your business organization, the more time you'll have to benefit from it. You can easily get started by using an existing enterprise architect planning framework, so you're not starting from scratch. 

You can also use enterprise architecture training courses to move forward faster -- check out this article to learn more.

Ready to Give Enterprise Architecture a Try?

Now that you can answer "What is enterprise architecture?" you can probably already see some of the changes it will let you make in your business.

With enterprise architecture, you can get to the root of business problems, and implement solutions that will work now and in the future. Whether you start internally, or hire outside help to complete the enterprise architecture project, the time to begin is now.

However, all that thinking about architecture and business might have you taking a second look at your company's external appearance, too. When you want to do an external design overhaul to match the internal one, make sure to check out our Interior Design section!